Thursday, June 22, 2006

PC Pitstop Exterminate

PC Pitstop anti spyware can protect your comuter from spyware, pop-up advertising and slow down your PC's performance. unlike any other anti-spyware product, it has created exterminate to be easy-to-use and informative. It is very simple, fast download and easy to install. It can protext any PC from Spyware running Windows XP, 2000, Me or 98.

Application Features and Benefits

  • Detects and Removes Spyware
  • Easy Step-By-Step Wizard Format
  • Daily Automatic Signature Updates
  • Protects Personal Information
  • Restores Computer Performance
  • Learn more about Spyware threats
  • Rescues Hijacked Web Pages
  • Stops Annoying Adware Popup Ads
Read More: PC Pitstop
Scan your PC: PC Pitstop Scan

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