Saturday, July 29, 2006

Google Talk Beta version

Google released their new version of Gtalk. It has many new features. First Pictures and Themes... you can see the picture of your friend when you chatting. So pick up the picture and share with your friend. And also you can change the appearance of your chat sessions. You can send/left your voice message no matter your friend is online or not. Thank's very good. If you left voice message for your friend. Your friend can hear your voice mail when he online. And also he can download your voice message like MP3. It is amazing. I like that feature very much. Google announced that we talk through our computer but hear our friends as if they were in the same room. WoW. Fantastic... Read More: Download Google Talk Beta. Go To: Google Talk Blog.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Apple Bluetooth Wireless Mighty Mouse

OHH!! very wonderful. So cute. Apple accounced a new BlueTooth Wireless Mighty Mouse. It is so cute. I like it very much. However i can't afford to buy. Thay why i often see the Picture again and again. That the only way i can do. Heee
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Mighty Mouse Features

* Bluetooth wireless capability
* Laser tracking engine provides 20x surface sensitivity
* 360-degree clickable Scroll Ball
* Touch-sensitive top shell
* Force-sensing side buttons

Go To and see more: Apple BlueTooth Wireless Mighty Mouse

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New Look Technorati

Image Hosted by Technorati redesigned his website on 3rd Birthday. At the first glance it looks very nice and very clean with cool looking icons at the left sidebar. You will see many new features like Discover which is topic-based, Most Popular, My Favorites which gives you the power to pick your favourite blogs, Top Searches and Top Tags at the sidebar. They made big changes to Blog Profiles- allowing you to get stats about any blog that Technorati tracks, including the tags used, posting frequency, traffic, and Technorati ranking. For my opinion, the new design is very confusing for me. I like the old one. Now, i don't know how to add new links/ post. I think i need to spent my leisure time on Technorati website. How do you think?? Can you tell me your suggestion?

Read More: Technorati Blog

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